Back & Neck Pain

For a while I had terrible discomfort in my neck and lower back.After many sessions with a physiotherapist and a variety of home remedies I still had very little relief. I then went to Elana for a few BodyTalk sessions. The day after the session I woke up in so much less pain and after the 3rd session I was pain free! — Gaby Frankal

Persistent Cough

While on holiday in Johannesburg I developed a nagging cough which went on all day. I tried allergy medicine, cough mixtures and even an asthma pump to alleviate it – but all to no avail.

Someone suggested I try BodyTalk with Elana. Thank goodness I did as about 18 hours after the session the cough abated, the colour in my face returned and I felt my old self again. What I found fascinating was the emotional issues that came up during the session. Clearly, they were the cause of the cough, and once released, the cough could abate. — Cathy Davis

Grief & Loss

After the passing of my mother I felt incredibly low, depressed and was suffering from a lack of energy. I engaged Elana Sissison to do a series of distance BodyTalk sessions (as I live in Canada and she is in Johannesburg) having heard about Bodytalk from a friend of mine.

After the first session I felt a distinctive “lifting” of my mood. I no longer felt so “down” and fogged in. After the second one I felt an increase in energy and general well-being. After the third session I was able to sleep a lot more soundly. The accumulative effects of BodyTalk have been nothing short of miraculous. In short: I started to feel good again and forgot or relegated my emotional pain to another area. My body started to “function” properly and I enjoyed new and better clarity and was able to relax a lot more. Sleep was better, dreams were better and for some reason – minor aches and pains seems to dissipate. Most important for me – my mood improved as did my general sense of well-being. I highly recommend this healing modality and consider Elana to be a caring and gifted practitioner. — Howard Joffe, Canada

Post Traumatic Stress

I contacted Elana for a distance Bodytalk session as I was in a near-drowning accident. The trauma, anxiety and constant flashbacks I experienced each day afterwards were very hard to deal with. A few days after just one session I felt myself again.  I no longer experienced flashbacks when going to sleep at night, nor did I have the constant anxiety and panic feelings. I was astounded. I am a firm believer in Bodytalk. I don’t understand how it works – but it sure does work! — Lara Rabin, Israel